Friday, March 27, 2009

charles jones, photographer

one book i seem to pull off the stack each year around this time is plant kingdoms: the photographs of charles jones. 
the b&w images of vegetables, fruits and flowers are sparse, but rich in detail, attained by the appreciation for growing the subjects, and by the use of a view camera. 

charles jones (1866-1959) was a gardener for much of his life. his image-making went unknown to those close to him. it was only when a photography scholar stumbled upon his negatives at an antiques market in 1981 that his work became known. to work so hard and humbly, is admirable.

not much is known about him- why he made the work, etc. but the work stands for itself.

try to search out a book to look for yourself. 


Bett Addams Williams said...

What a find!

You all are so inspiring.

It certainly beats cleaning out stale paperwork from 35 years of real estate.

Actually real estate is still real, but I wonder why I feel the need to keep so many 'records'!!!

Thanks for many smiles of delight!


shari said...

thanks so much for sharing these photos. very inspiring.