Friday, January 14, 2011

Where ever has the time gone?

Not sure how I managed to let 3 months elapse before I made it back here but there you go. A few things did occur. Traveled to and fro London. Turned 40. Holidays. Expanded family by one boy on New Year's morning. Please see new family portrait...

I do have a few projects sporadically underway. The establishment and renovation of Lee HQ. Formally a paint storage shed that had accumulated 140 cans of paint, almost all of which had been stripped of their labels by a mad nest building squirrel.

Not getting that much work done really since we had 8 inches of snow last Sunday night and no temps above freezing since. So a lot of things have been on hold around these parts.

I'm a little tired of building fires at the moment. But I have plenty of wood to split! Greens seeds have been sown in the green house but the snow has prevented the sun from reaching them. Luckily we have provisioned well and the apple wine is just now ready-sun in a bottle!

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TJ said...

What? A new baby boy! How wonderful! Please tell Rinne congrats, too!

Robi, TJ, & Flannery